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Your “weekly check-in” Zoom call? Not going anywhere for a while, chief. The vaccine rollout in NY isn’t going quite as smoothly as planned (see, e.g., the news these days) and it looks like WFH culture is going to be sticking around in 2021.

Now, that isn’t all bad news, right? Didn’t think you’d be able finish watching every single thing on Netflix? Boom! Now you can, over the next 8-12 months! (gulp.)

But nevertheless, the work Zoom call is now even more of a thing, and we at Dune Road Lifestyle only want to make it a better less horrific thing. Any ideas on how we might do that? Anyone? Anyone? (Jeffrey Toobin, put your damn hand down.)

You guessed it. When all else fails, we went with “drink.” Here’s a few faves from some of our east end homies, whose identities have been disguised to protect the not-so-innocent.

Our friend “Joey Gabagool” (because who doesn’t love a good mob nickname?) started us off thinking about the best drinks for a Zoom call after he confessed to putting down 3 gin & tonics over the course of that many calls earlier today.

A G&T. Huh. It actually makes a ton of sense. Who’s to say it’s not just water with a slice or two of lime in it? What, you got something against fruit water now? That’s what we thought. *sips menacingly*

The recipe: 2 measures Hendricks Gin, 4 measures Q Tonic Water, 2 slices lime (dropped, not squeezed). 

This one comes from our friend “Drunk Ronny.” You’ll see where he got that nickname from in a minute. It’s not quite a mob nickname, though he’s definitely been known to drop a “YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA WHO MY DAD KNOWS” while getting tossed out of the old Sloppy Tuna back in the day.

But more to the point: this is for all y’all who live life on the edge. Who aren’t afraid to boot off-screen halfway through lecture, study group, maybe even a board meeting. Because while the little delight pictured here might look like iced tea, it actually is iced tea…with a bunch of overproof liquor added for taste. 

The recipe: 1 measure Stoli 100 Vodka, 1 measure Wray & Nephew White Rum, 6 measures iced tea, 2 slices lemon.

This one’s a “house special,” brought to you with love from all of us at Dune Road Lifestyle.

Before your next Zoom call, do 20 jumping jacks. Wait, it’s been a year since you’ve done anything even remotely resembling cardio. Sorry. Do 5 jumping jacks. Break a slight sweat. Now sit down.

“Hey, sorry guys, a little flushed over here from my 7-mile run this morning. Trying to hydrate, hence the PowerAde,” you say with the perfect touch of breathlessness as you shift a glass of cyan blue liquid into view.

People will be so intimidated because you’re still working out 12 months into “the fatting years” that they’ll completely overlook the fact that you seem to actually be enjoying your drink (which no one drinking PowerAde has really ever done before).

But of course, that’s not the truth. It’s not PowerAde, is it? Of course not. It’s a Blue Margarita.

The recipe: 2 measures Montaukila Blanco Tequila, 1 measure Blue Curaçao, 1/2 measure Cointreau, 1 measure fresh lime juice.

Serve over ice. Do not garnish. Because what kind of freak puts a garnish on PowerAde?

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