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If the pandemic’s taught us one thing, it’s the value of having an easily accessible getaway. Rather than risk catching COVID on a flight to Miami, we were all about hitting up spots we could drive to. And with the BCT from Truckhouse, that’s really…anywhere.

Founded in 2019, the guys behind the brand couldn’t have timed it better. With luxury offroad touring becoming one of 2020’s hottest trends, the demand for even old school, jankety-ass campers was sky high. And it’s no surprise that even with its $300k+ price tag, the Truckhouse BCT is fully. sold. out.

Credit: Truckhouse
Credit: Truckhouse

But what is the BCT anyway?

Long story short, it’s a super suped-up Toyota Tundra, with a tiny-house dream home attached to the back. With crucial upgrades like an extra-strong alternator (duh), an upgraded suspension, a reinforced chassis and more, it’s clear that these guys have put in the work far beyond the Toyota platform.

And with interior features like marine-grade appliances, dimmable LED lighting, and a queen bed sitting right over the cab, well, we’re not even half-telling the story of the luxurious details that await.

Curious to know more? Head over to their website,, and see for yourself. Tell ’em Dune Road sent ya.

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