There’s a ton of places out east that we love, but that just don’t quite fit the mold of being a restaurant, a bar or a hotel (our three other Top Picks categories). So, we were faced with a choice: leave them off our beloved list of shout-outs, or, create a special category just for them.

Obviously, being the loving, inclusive folks we are, we went with option 2. And what united these places, for us, was a focus on food and bev that pleased, delighted, and downright titillated. Our list of Top Hamptons Treats is designed for the times when you need a quick pick-me-up, are on the hunt for something sweet, or have a car full of screaming kids in need of their next sugar rush. Good luck, and happy treating.

There’s some of you out there who can get up in the morning without a cup of coffee. We salute you, and wish you a safe journey back to your home planet.

For the rest of us, coffee is life. And for the best life, you need to know about Left Hand Coffee in Montauk.

Left Hand is everything a local independent coffee shop should be: a little rustic, a little bohemian, a little indie, and with damn fine brew.  But these guys take it above and beyond that, putting an east coast beach/surf-inspired vibe into it the way only Montauk truly can.

Located just steps from the ocean, a cup from Left Hand and a walk on the beach is the way we’d start every day, if we could.

Top Hamptons Treats
Credit: Left Hand Coffee
Top Hamptons Treats
Credit: Grindstone Coffee & Donuts

If your idea of donuts is the ones that come from a drive-thru chain, you, my friend, are doing it wrong. But fear not, because the folks at Grindstone Coffee & Donuts in Sag Harbor have a real education in store for you.

Creating some of the most epic ring-shaped delights we’ve ever laid eyes on, Grindstone does donuts in a zany, irreverent yet classically good way that leaves us wanting more every time we leave.

And their donuts aren’t just hand-sized, either. Try out a donut cake for your next birthday, and we might’ve just put you on to a new tradition.

The Hamptons are to summer like summer is to ice cream. But, for the best ice cream in the Hamptons, you’re going to have to drive all the way out to Montauk. (And trust us, it’ll be worth it.)

The team at The Frozen Anchor does to ice cream what Warhol did to canvas: make delicious, delectable, highly consumable art.

With a wild array of flavors and toppings, and offerings dipping into milkshakes and other goodies too, there’s something at The Frozen Anchor for everyone, kids and adults alike.

Located on Montauk’s north side, this spot is perfect for grabbing treats before taking a stroll through the various shops, marinas and other sights that dot the shoreline up there. We can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday, in the close company of one of their…sundaes. (Yeah…we just couldn’t resist.)

Top Hamptons Treats
Credit: The Frozen Anchor
Top Hamptons Treats
Credit: Carissa's The Bakery

We should probably just let the picture speak for itself, because honestly, what more could we say?

When it comes to creating edible works of delicious art, Carissa’s The Bakery takes the…cake highest praise we can possibly give. With their floral color palettes and use of actual florals, the team at Carissa’s knows how to create an absolute showstopper.

Their elevated, unique designs are like nothing we’ve ever seen anywhere else, and we’re proud as heck that this level of craft is being created and demonstrated daily here in our little corner of the world.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that we’ve named Carissa’s as purveyor of one of our Top Hamptons Treats, for no dinner party out east can be truly complete without a gorgeous cake from Carissa’s.

The words “healthy” and “treat” don’t often go hand-in-hand for us. We’ve got PTSD from certain kale smoothies and avocado milkshakes, and we always approach the notion of “good-for-you” goodies with a bit of appropriate caution.

We’re pleased to report, however, that Sag Harbor’s BuddhaBerry is a perfectly safe bet for delightful fro-yo and other treats that won’t immediately cause you to go up a pants size.

Started by a local mom seeking to make healthy treats for her kids, BuddhaBerry is now a full-service treats stop, with crepes, waffles, coffee, and, of course, frozen yogurt. Harnessing the power of superfoods and using natural, organic ingredients, BuddhaBerry has your health and wellbeing in mind when crafting treats sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. It’s no surprise that they’re one of our places for Top Hamptons Treats.

Top Hamptons Treats
Credit: Buddhaberry


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