Being in charge of your group’s dinner reservations in the Hamptons can be a hazardous job. One wrong pick, one bad dinner, and you’ll never be trusted by your friends with picking a place again. Just kidding.

Except not.

With people having limited time to spend out in this slice of paradise on the east end, you’ve gotta make every meal count, and that’s why we put together this list of Top Hamptons Restaurants. Pick a place off of this list, and you can rest easy knowing you’re going to have a great, memorable, world-class experience.

Our Top Hamptons Restaurant list is winners-only, and it’s our gift to you. Enjoy. 

“Can we get a table for…..12?” How many times have you had to say that out east, and do you remember the tightening of your stomach muscles when you did? Booking dinner for a house full of people out in the Hamptons can be a nerve-wracking experience, and we’ve got just the place to fix that for you.

Montauk’s Navy Beach has a sick location with its own private beach and plenty of room to accommodate large parties. The sunsets are unbelievable, but don’t take our word for it. It’s something you have to see–and experience–for yourself to really understand the magic.

Our move? Head to Navy with a big group for pre-dinner drinks on the beach, then head inside for a nice sit-down meal that’s equal parts chill and delicious. 

Top Hamptons Restaurants
Credit: Navy Beach
Top Hamptons Restaurants
Credit: Cove Hollow Tavern

If you spend your summer weekends in the Hamptons, dating from Memorial Day to Labor Day is a challenge. You’re out east every weekend in a house full of a dozen of your best friends. So when, exactly, are you scheduling in that casual drinks with your future bae? Never? Cool.

Unless, that is, they’re out east too, in which case, dinner at a cute little bistro in the Hamptons isn’t totally out of the question. (Your friends will understand.)

If you want DRL to play dating coach, we’ve got you, and Cove Hollow Tavern in East Hampton is where you should be headed. The chic little resto does elevated cocktails and some of the east end’s best food in a setting that’s intimate, upscale and quintessentially Hamptons.

Luxury and the Hamptons, they’re practically synonyms. But when it comes to luxurious dining in the Hamptons, there’s one restaurant that really separates itself from the rest: Bistro Ete.

With its focus on Mediterranean French cuisine, Bistro Ete brings upscale and elevated culinary craft to everything they do. Of course, they’re certainly helped by the fact that French cuisine gives us two of our fave super-luxe ingredients: foie gras, and truffles.

From large slices of shaved truffles adorning glorious bowls of pasta, to the bistro’s very own “foie gras Fridays” (a true innovation, if we’ve ever seen one), luxury eats are fully the vibe here. And if you’re a wine person (because who among us isn’t?), their list is one to see…and drink.

Top Hamptons Restaurants
Credit: Bistro Ete
Top Hamptons Restaurants
Credit: Highway Restaurant

Going out to dinner with kids can be hard. From getting them to sit still, to dealing with temper tantrums, we get it. And that’s not even making sure they eat.

Luckily, Highway in East Hampton has your back, with an eclectic menu that’s got something for everyone, and large format dishes to make family-style ordering a breeze.

Aside from being on just about everyone’s shortlist for best overall restaurant in the Hamptons, Highway sits in a super convenient location between East Hampton and Wainscott with plenty of parking on-site. And, being one of the few restaurants out east to offer a robust kids’ menu, it’s no surprise we’ve chosen them as best for families among our Top Hamptons Restaurants.

What’s there to say that we haven’t already said about The Gig Shack? Places like this were the very reason we started Dune Road Lifestyle in the first place, to put y’all on to the best of the best of what’s out east, and especially about the places that are more local secret than widely known.

Though Gig Shack’s popularity has increased over the years, they’re still this sort of tucked away hidden gem on the main strip in Montauk that cranks out some of the most delicious things we’ve ever eaten. And sure, the menu’s a real hitlist of surf-inspired cuisine, but the best things on offer at the Gig Shack are always the specials, which makes it a place we turn to regularly for eats out east.

The cocktail menu / bar service is stellar, and, during the summer, the live music adds a gorgeous local touch to this true Montauk gem.

Top Hamptons Restaurants
Credit: 668 The Gig Shack


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