There’s plenty of spots out east that’re worth just throwing down your bags and crashing at. After all, there’s so much to be doing in the Hamptons; are you really going to be spending more time in your bed than on the beach?

However, for the truly discerning Hamptonsgoer–and, for what it’s worth, you all should be–hotels on the east end can offer so much more than a place to rest your partied-out self.

From luxurious spas to five-star concierge experiences, hospitality in the Hamptons knows no limits. And with guests ranging from billionaires to celebrities and other demanding clientele, one would expect no less from some of the area’s top spots.

And there’s an entirely separate experience awaiting other guests, attracted to the Hamptons not for its upscale notoriety, but for its beachy escapism and chill, toned-down vibes. For this set, it’s not the richly designed furnishings nor uber-expensive spa products that perk their ears; rather, it’s quite simply just the natural, elevated calming aesthetics for which the Hamptons is also truly known.

For either need and more, we present our list of Top Hamptons Hotels.

A well-crafted wedding, to us, is an art form. And on the east end, Topping Rose House are masters of that art.

With a culinary experience curated by Chef Jean Georges himself, perhaps the most stressful part of planning–the dinner–is already in one of the world’s best hands.

The historic mansion setting in picturesque Bridgehampton is the real draw, here, offering a set of backdrops like no other.

Versatility is also key, with the space being transformable to a wide variety of aesthetic tastes while still maintaining crucial elevation for a couple’s biggest day.

Top Hamptons Hotels
Credit: Topping Rose House
Top Hamptons Hotels
Credit: Shou Sugi Ban House

Of any people in the world, the Japanese take relaxation culture to new heights. And in the Hamptons, there is no clearer representation of these ideals and aesthetics than Shou Sugi Ban House.

Sitting on an immaculately kept compound in Water Mill, the House offers guests a chance to experience upscale, elevated tradition with a focus on internal wellness and well-being.

From curated nightly soaks (yes, in a gorgeous Japanese tub) to handcrafted signature meals designed to nourish and cleanse, Shou Sugi Ban House is meant to leave you feeling like a newer, more vibrant version of the self you walked in as.

It’s no wonder that such a transformative space is on our list of Top Hamptons Hotels.

Luxury and the Hamptons are basically synonymous, at this point. However, there’s luxury, and then there’s luxury. You’ll find both out east, but the latter exists in its truest form at The Baker House 1650.

From the rooms themselves–including the ability to rent a fully renovated, luxuriously furnished carriage house–to the spa, featuring cutting edge treatments and raved-about massages, The Baker House seems to have its guests’ every need already thought out and executed to perfection.

And for what one’s imagination may conjure which isn’t already on offer, the five-star concierge on-site has powers of arrangement which truly are limitless in the Hamptons. Bespoke dinner on the beach? Private vineyard tour? Easily. Done.

Top Hamptons Hotels
Credit: The Baker House 1650
Top Hamptons Hotels
Credit: Gurney's Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa

The subset of NYC (and beyond) that heads out east to the Hamptons is special. It’s discerning, it’s about that beach life, and most of all, it’s social. How many couples do you know that’ve met out in the Hamptons? Exactly.

And when we think of a place to meet new people out east, we can’t help but think of  Gurney’s Montauk Resort. This place, quite simply, has it all. From formal restaurants to casual grab-n-go options, a high-end cocktail bar to more sandy-toed beachside amenities, Gurney’s has a variety of backdrops for the Hamptons social scene, each unique but united in the overarching theme of fun.

With a sprawling resort complex sitting alongside a clutch of newly developed residences, Gurney’s is exactly the place to be to mix, mingle and enjoy.

For many, the Hamptons offers a low-key, chill escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s less about hyaluronic acid facials and more about hanging out at the beach, and we get that. (And we’re here for it.)

Located on picturesque Old Montauk Highway, Breakers in Montauk is a far (and unaffiliated) cry from that other place with the same name but in Florida.

Featuring an airy, ethereal color palette applied gently over natural wood tones, the aesthetic quality of The Breakers immediately puts one’s mind to rest. Gone are the thoughts about e-mails and to-do lists, almost instantaneously replaced with smiles, laughs and that oh-so-satisfying sigh of knowing you’re in a safe space to just chill out and enjoy for a moment.

Top Hamptons Hotels
Credit: Breakers


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