With its chill party feels and summer vacation vibes, the Hamptons is an ideal spot to go out for drinks with friends. But, like with anywhere else, there’s a wide variety of places to choose from, and we know you only want the best. We, at Dune Road Lifestyle, have put together a list of Top Hamptons Bars, so that every one of your nights out east can be one to remember.

If you’re an influencer, you’ve gotta be here. If you’re a fan of influencers, you wanna be here. For everyone else, well, you know someone who’s been here. It’s The Surf Lodge. And until the pandemic, it’s been the top celeb / influencer party spot of the east end.

We’ll see what the future holds, but if it’s going to be anything like the past, expect huge crowds, long lines, and a veritable who’s who of east end royalty.

Pro tip though, we’re not the first ones to put you guys on to the S’Lodge having sick parties. It’s a known fact, so expect crowds, a line to get in, and often enough, the spot being at capacity (i.e., no one else is getting in). Dinner reservations prior help, as does not waiting til midnight to roll up.

Top Hamptons Bars
Credit: The Surf Lodge
Top Hamptons Bars
Credit: Wolffer Estate Vineyard

Rosé is the drink of choice for the Hamptons. And of course, one of the places you’d think of to drink it at is a big fancy garden party. What? You haven’t gotten any Hamptons garden party invites this year? No worries, there’s one available pretty much on tap, all season long.

The Wine Stand At Wolffer Estate sits on a gorgeous little piece of the larger Wolffer vineyard, right on Montauk Highway. The Wolffer wines and small bites for sale inside the picturesque roadside shop aren’t just to go, though, because there’s exactly the sort of garden party we mentioned earlier happening right out back. 

While not your typical watering hole, we put this spot on our list of Top Hamptons Bars because it’s just the quintessential east end experience we all crave.

Classy cocktails aren’t necessarily the things you’d first think of when thinking about drinking out in the Hamptons. But between all the rosé and vodka tonics, there’s a growing market for the sort of craft, bespoke bartending you’re more used to finding in the speakeasy culture of NYC and other cities.

Leading the charge of high-end mixology out east is the ever-fresh Gurney’s Resorts, with The Regent Cocktail Club at their Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa location. Using a unique set of ingredients and cutting-edge mixologist techniques, the magicians behind the bar at The Regent create world class cocktails to accompany scenic oceanside views only the Hamptons could possibly serve.

Top Hamptons Bars
Credit: Gurney's Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa
Top Hamptons Bars
Credit: The Stephen Talkhouse

What can we say about The Stephen Talkhouse that hasn’t been said already? Not much, if we’re being honest.

This local legend and longtime fave has been a go-to for celebrities and non-celebrities alike, hosting some of the liveliest nights of each Hamptons summer season.

From A-list acts like Mumford & Sons to Hamptons-native upstarts like Kate Usher & The Sturdy Souls, the musical talent being showcased at the Talkhouse is top-notch, and the lines to get in most nights are perhaps the clearest evidence of it.

Named after a local Native American man famous for his daily jaunts through the east end, the Talkhouse is a true local legend itself, which is why we’ve honored it on our list of Top Hamptons Bars.

Ah, poolside drinking culture. Not just for LA or Vegas, though the Hamptons does do it differently. Out east, drinks by the pool means something else entirely: elevated, without pretense, and fun, without excess.

Perhaps the truest representation of this can be found at The Montauk Beach House, or “the MBH,” as it’s known to locals. With some of the best art curation of all the east end’s hotels and an oasis-like setting in the middle of downtown Montauk, the MBH is where to go when you just need to escape.

Inside the main courtyard is where you’ll find their impeccably well-kept pool area, throwing loungey vibes that’re equal parts Malibu and Miami. And on a hot summer day with phones abuzz, a frosé and chill moment is just what the doctor ordered.

Top Hamptons Bars
Credit: The Montauk Beach House


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