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So we’ve all had our fair share of “moments” over the last year, but in true out east style, we try to keep it good vibes only, always. It was on a hunt for new good vibes that The Wasted Collective caught our attention.

This sustainable apparel brand encompasses everything we’re about via their mantra, “Good Times, Do Good.” The mantra is inspired by the Balinese way of treating the planet with respect and compassion, as well as celebrating harmony and balance.

You might have heard of The Wasted Collective’s founder, Ronald Akili, from his founding of The Potato Head Beach Club in Indonesia. Pivoting into sustainable apparel, Akili created the brand to further embody that sacred Balinese mantra.

Thanks to these guys, you no longer have to struggle choosing between style, comfort, or casually trying to save the planet. Awesome, right? The Wasted Collective offers sick sustainable fashion, without compromise. It’s that easy.

The Wasted Collective
Credit: The Wasted Collective
The Wasted Collective
Credit: The Wasted Collective

While planning your wardrobe essentials for this summer, consider incorporating some washi pieces from The Wasted Collective. What’s washi? The ultimate life saver when it comes to beating the Hamptons heat, duh. Specifically, though, washi is a soft, lightweight, and durable fabric that’s destined to keep you cool in the sun. The Wasted Collective sources washi made through through an eco-friendly process in Japan that utilizes tree bark fibers. Cool fabric that keeps you cool. (Need!)

With summer being right around the corner, it’s high time to stock up on The Wasted Collective. Visit  their website to shop, and stay up to date with all of their drops at @TheWastedCollective on Instagram. More good times are ahead, and we should do good while we’re at it.

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