All images courtesy of The Stephen Talkhouse.


Named after a real life local Hamptons legend, the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett is probably the most quintessential out east bar we can think of. That being said, prepare yourself, especially if you’re over 25.

Most of the crowd on peak weekend nights is most definitely NOT over 25. Talkhouse during the season looks like the kind of place you’d imagine a real life Chuck Bass making a move on a real life Serena Van Der Woodsen, while real life Blair Waldorf cries in the bathroom. Is it a scene? Yes. Is it fun? Yes. Do we recommend it for every night you’re out east? Absolutely not. (Unless you’re Gossip Girl.)

There’s usually a long line at the front on Friday and Saturday nights during the season, so be prepared to wait. There’s a cover at the end of that line, so there’s also that. But, there’s usually live music, and it’s usually pretty great. Drinks are what they are: light beers, vodka sodas, and anything else you might order at what’s basically a college bar out east.

It’s usually a super fun scene on the inside once you’re in and get into it. Put back a few vodka sodas and get to dancing. Get to the bar, order shots, make new friends, and remember what it’s like to be back in college for a night. You might run into that cute guy / girl you sat across from on the Jitney. Definitely buy them a vodka soda.



161 Main St.
Amagansett, NY 11930

PHONE: (631) 267-3117


INSTAGRAM: @talkhousehamptons


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