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So-called “healing crystals” and their supposed remedial effects are blowing up on Tik Tok right now. That just made me wonder, though, is there anything to them, or are they just hype?

But before we get to the truth about healing crystals, let’s back up a sec. Over the course of 2020, all of us at DRL saw a drastic rise in self-care fads on social media. People just had more free time–and time to themselves–during quarantine, so it’s no surprise that something like crystals could have surged in popularity.

But what’s the whole point of healing crystals? If you ask the real “enthusiasts” / believers, they’ll tell you that certain crystals carry “vibrations” and “energies” that’ll provide you with strength, clarity, etc.

After seeing hundreds of videos promoting crystals, I decided to do some research and purchase one to test it out. I bought a rose quartz crystal from Amazon which is supposed to promote self love, friendship, and feelings of peace. After keeping it in my pocket for a week, I…shockingly…didn’t feel much of a difference. Weird, right?

Of course, maybe I’m just not the proper vessel for the forces of healing crystals to work through, so I did a little research. Oh, the outcome? I couldn’t find a single actual scientific study giving any indication that crystals carry any sort of healing property.

But but but wait, someone might say. “My friend Susie got a healing crystal that was supposed to make her rich, and then she got a raise at work!” We’ve all heard it before. We might have even seen it on socials. But whether the crystal put them in a positive frame of mind to make them work harder and earn the raise, or whether they were due for it anyway, there’s a multitude of reasons why Susie got a raise, and we just can’t see any proof of any of them having to do with Susie buying a rock.

The truth about healing crystals? It’s all placebo effect, guys.

At the end of the day, though, buying stuff can be fun. And if that’s something you’re into, you should buy all the rocks you want. Just don’t kid yourself, because they’re rocks, not, well, anything else.

If you’re sad now because you no longer want to buy rocks, don’t worry; DRL has your back.

Here’s our latest in healing and relaxing finds:



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