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We can’t be more pumped about Instagram Guides, the newest app feature from Instagram. We’ve leveraged our Top Picks content to bring the best of the Hamptons right to your fingertips.

Sel Rrose


Sel Rrose brings the excellence of the NYC mixology scene to Montauk in a venue that’s quintessentially east end. Helmed by veteran NYC bar owner Kristin Vincent (of Sel Rrose (the NYC version), Fig. 19 and Home Sweet Home fame), the Hamptons iteration of her house of mixology is poised to serve up the same level of cocktail in a far more relaxed setting.



We remember Moby’s, in all its iterations, and we just love the fact that they’re returning to the old spot on Pantigo Rd. We could sit back here and tell you stories of the old days, when we were young and reckless, drinking the night away at the old spot. But then things changed. We grew up. New spots opened up. Montauk boomed. Moby’s moved away, doing a brief stint in Northwest Harbor.

The Stephen Talkhouse


Named after a real life local Hamptons legend, the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett is probably the most quintessential out east bar we can think of. That being said, prepare yourself, especially if you’re over 25.

Most of the crowd on peak weekend nights is most definitely NOT over 25. Talkhouse during the season looks like the kind of place you’d imagine a real life Chuck Bass making a move on a real life Serena Van Der Woodsen, while real life Blair Waldorf cries in the bathroom. Is it a scene? Yes. Is it fun? Yes. Do we recommend it for every night you’re out east? Absolutely not. (Unless you’re Gossip Girl.)

There’s usually a long line at the front on Friday and Saturday nights during the season, so be prepared to wait. There’s a cover at the end of that line, so there’s also that. But, there’s usually live music, and it’s usually pretty great. Drinks are what they are: light beers, vodka sodas, and anything else you might order at what’s basically a college bar out east.

It’s usually a super fun scene on the inside once you’re in and get into it. Put back a few vodka sodas and get to dancing. Get to the bar, order shots, make new friends, and remember what it’s like to be back in college for a night. You might run into that cute person you sat across from on the Jitney. Definitely buy them a vodka soda.

Surf Lodge


Just because there’s a lot of hype doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe it. If Surf Lodge had a motto, that would be it. Probably the most talked about place in Montauk, and maybe on the east end, Surf Lodge was almost like the Lewis & Clark of the post-millennium Montauk revival. (They pioneered it.)

The Montauk Beach House


Contemporary Montauk chic is how we’d describe the vibe at the Montauk Beach house, or “the MBH,” for short. Offering guests 5 different room types makes for a unique, fun approach to design and the appreciation of it. A stay at the MBH might send you running to refurnish your own place the week after. With refinished hardwoods, a bold take on wall color and furnishings, and warm lighting, you’ll wish you lived here. And the scene itself might make you.

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