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Communication is a fascinating thing, taking place on levels of which we’re often completely unaware.

The goal in highlighting a select few storefronts in East Hampton was to showcase the way in which the creative teams behind brands’ visual messaging sought to merge the respective brand’s style and identity to the aesthetics of East Hampton, and the Hamptons generally.

White wood. Intricate millwork. Heritage dating back to pre-revolution America.

Colonial-style brick adorned with white efflorescence. White crystalline salts leaching over fading rouge, like sand making its way through an hourglass, generation after generation.

Often, the mélange of washed-out reds and powdery whites are painted over, hidden to the world behind gloss or matte white. An adaptation becoming tradition, as adaptations tend to do. 

Black and white. Gold and glass. Color, and restraint. Luxury and the Hamptons, it seems, understand each other well.

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