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Dawn breaks. Finally. Collective sigh of relief. But no time for rest. World to rebuild. Life to return to. Parties in 2021? Shimmer of sequins dug from far flung closets. Tunneling towards the light. We keep digging to the beat.

Dark at 4:30. Winter quasi-emo. Cold. Glimmers of hope. Reminders of Summer 2020 2019. Get lost in the beat. Dancing by yourself. Bops to get you by. Going strong. See it through.

Drinks by the pool. Lounge day. Music to lay out to. Losing the cork to the rosé. White linen looks. Beach, but keep it mellow. Swimsuit or go change. Big work-from-home energy. Did someone make a res. for tonight yet?

Day party. Sunsets + dancing. Lots. Of. Rosé. Memories of Ibiza. International things. Keep it chill. Dancing poolside. Limitless summer.

Dancefloor by night. Sparklers in the distance. Getting lost in the beat. Finding yourself in movement. Good friends and good times. Connections missed and connections made. That one song you go all-out for. Rinse. Repeat. Weekend.


We’ve been talking to a lot of folks about the company, the site and what we’re going to do more of this year. Almost unanimously, you guys showed love for the playlists. So, here’s a little backstory and what you can expect coming up…

We started the playlists as a complete side project to the main site. We’d always been making playlists for ourselves on the side. And with resident DJs on staff at Dune Road Lifestyle, we’ve always had people asking us “what was that song?” or asking us to send them our playlists. Eventually, we started posting them on the site as yet another piece of content.

In 2020, we revamped the playlists section around a cohesive theme. We’d previously had playlists across a wide variety of genres and vibes: from emo and alt-rock driving mixes to old school hip-hop party bangers. And that was awesome. But the difference between personal lists and DRL site content is that here, we’re focused around a pretty tight aesthetic: Hamptons chic.

We decided to scope in on EDM, scouring the latest in house, trance, chillout and more, selecting only those tracks which immediately sent us back to summers out east. Some playlists are a little more party; others are a little more chill. Some’ll call for poolside rosé; some want for nights out and shots. Nevertheless, throughout, you’ll find snapshots of your best moments out east, layered together for a fluid listening experience.

Enjoy the playlists, y’all. We love that you love ’em.


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