Our Story


The Journey of DRL

2018 – Present

Dune Road Lifestyle (or “DRL” as we call it) was founded in 2018 as a “best of” guide to restaurants and bars in the Hamptons. It was meant to solve a simple problem: giving people curated information on where to go for dinner and a night out. See, curated sources of information already existed at the time for the NYC market, among others. (Think: Eater, The Infatuation, etc.) But in the Hamptons, it was more or less a free for all.

Over the course of the next few years, the team at DRL expanded, and new hands on keyboards meant new avenues of content could be explored. We branched out into covering hotels and cafés, and then eventually into more long-form editorial content about events and haps in the Hamptons. It wasn’t long after that we started writing about all areas of interest to the Hamptons-going public. From fashion to interior design, luxury cars to the latest in watches, we now cover it all.

New hands on deck also meant new perspectives, and with the addition of a strong Gen-Z contingent came the emphasis on sustainability in all that we cover. Thus, the blue/green blog was formed: a select list of elevated products and services which incorporate sustainability into their design, manufacture, presentation and/or delivery.

The latest big turn came in the late summer of 2021, when the Hamptons began to look a lot like NYC, and everything sort of folded into everything. More NYCers became Hamptons people, then offices opening drew everyone back, and life for a lot of folks became a consistent back-and-forth between being out east and in the city. That trend, we felt, was here to stay, and so we leaned into it.

Today, DRL is written for the contemporary NYC x Hamptons lifestyle. Our readership goes out to dinner, goes out, hangs out, shops, parties, attends events and enjoys life in both the Hamptons and in New York City. They travel, when life allows, to the best and most luxurious destinations. They purchase and build routines around only the best in luxury products and services. But most of all: our readership celebrates life.

It’s been a long journey from where we started, and we’re pumped to keep it going.