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What do you get when you cross: streetwear, skating, running, activism, environmental consciousness, Long Island, classic prep, punk rock, and some of the best fabrics in the world? Simple: you get Noah.

A passion project of former Supreme creative director (…yes, that Supreme…) Brendon Babenzien, this new contemporary brand sounds like a chimera of influence and aesthetics that could never reach cohesion. But, in reality, that just couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In Noah, Babenzien has created a brand with an intelligent approach to design, consistently thoughtful aesthetic choices, and a central message focused on sustainability and transparency.

There’s also a huge global aspect here. Materials like ethically sourced baby camel hair, Japanese denim made using traditional selvedge looms, Escorial wool suits, and more, fully display the brand’s commitment to sourcing the most beautiful fabrics from around the world. 

Credit: Noah
Credit: Noah

Want more info? Of course you do. Head over to their site’s Fabrics page. With a deep-dive’s worth of info on the fabrics the brand is using in the current season, this is radical transparency in fashion / design like we’ve never seen it from a brand before. And let’s be honest–it feels damn cool to know where the expensive fabrics we put on our bodies come from.

Noah walks the fine line between elevated streetwear and high-end luxury, and this specifically explains why the brand has such massive appeal. Real talk: this brand can dress you for any occasion. At their NoLita boutique, there’s weekend-ready hoodies and tees on one side, and great-for-work suits and monkstraps on the other. (And not in the city? No problemo. Hit up Noah in Amagansett for a more intimate shopping experience out east.)

But, if you think sweet fabrics and high-end looks are the only story here, you’ve only got half the plot. Noah pairs style with sustainability in a serious way, and to that end, they’ve made a 1% For The Planet pledge. Often leveraging collabs with classic brands, Noah takes the idea of releasing a specific product or capsule to support a specific cause, and turns out honestly crave-worthy, must-have, so-pissed-I-wasn’t-able-to-get pieces that’re designed around and sold to promote sustainability / eco-conscious causes. Our fave example? The Noah x Timex collab to raise awareness of the problem of “Ghost Nets” littering our oceans.

And still on the sustainability / circular economy tip, Noah actually takes back used pieces of theirs, in exchange for store credit towards new purchases. Called “Not Dead Yet,” Noah’s program is one we’d love to see implemented at brands everywhere. Seasonality is an issue, and we’re just so immensely proud to see Noah tackle the issue head-on.

And probably the most important thing we can tell you is when their stuff drops: Thursdays at 11:00AM ET. Your best bet is to follow Noah on Insta @noahclothing for deets, because you know these drops sell out fast.

Credit: Noah
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