NEW MUSIC UPDATE - 05.16.2020


Looking for a quarantine life pick-me-up? We’ve got you.

We don’t have a vaccine for COVID, but we do have 3 album recommendations that’ll make social distancing a little more pleasant, and a lot more interesting.

First up is Womb, the latest (April 3, 2020) offering from Canadian witch house / electronic pop group Purity Ring. If you’ve never heard of them, or have never seen them live, you’re missing out in a big way. Hopefully concerts become a thing again, because their live show takes the artistry of their music to a whole new level, with ethereal lighting installations and atmospherics that whisk you away from reality the second the first beat drops.

The album itself is heavy in subject but airy in vibe. It’s the perfect listen for a night inside with windows open, candles lit, a glass of something strong in hand. For better writing than our own, read Peyton Thomas’s review on Pitchfork

If you’re looking for party vibes (or, music to post thirst traps to), you need Charli XCX’s recent (May 15, 2020) drop, How I’m Feeling Now. It’s unique (for now) as albums go, because it was produced as an online collaborative effort between Charli, her producers, and her fans, done over the last six weeks entirely under quarantine.

The album feels a lot more like a mixtape, taking a hard experimental turn from the more “mass-appeal-pop” version of Charli and leaning into the weirder, harder vibes from deep cuts scattered across her discography. The feels are raw, timely (i.e., life under social isolation and all of the resulting emotions), and presented in a direct, honest style that’s been a hallmark of the artist through and through.  Check out Jem Aswad’s review in Variety if you want to read more before diving in.

new music
Credit: 4AD / Atlantic / Dog Show

Taking it a step further on the “experimental” route, we’re calling out 1000 gecs, last year’s album by American electro pop duo 100 gecs. (Yes, they just added a 0 for their album title, and the absurdity just starts there.) 100 gecs is super difficult to describe, because their music defies description. We could accurately call it 21st century dadaism, Gen Z avant garde, or a NutriBullet smoothie of everything to happen in music since 2007 with a topping of internet memes-culture to boot. If you’re reading all that wondering, “what the hell does any of that even mean?” ….uhh, same.  We don’t exactly know. But what you should do is listen to their album from front to back (23 minutes total) and then read various music writers–all of whom are better at this than we are–try to describe what you just heard. Then listen again. To put this in perspective, the album is universally acclaimed, with New York Times critic Jon Caramanica giving it #1 album honors for 2019. Coverage you should read: New York Times | Rolling Stone | Pitchfork.

Listen on Spotify via the embedded players below.



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