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Montaukila is one of our best quarantine finds, and got us through many a rough night of wondering whether summer 2021 would actually be a thing. With things looking somewhat like a go for this summer, we figured it’s time we shared the wealth.

Montaukila is, in many ways, a reaction to the mass-produced, celebrity-endorsed liquor market that exists today. Name a celebrity, and the safe money bet is that they’re shilling booze. Now, that’s fine, if the booze is as high quality as they say it is. Most of the time, and especially when it comes to tequila, it’s just, well, not.

Tequila is different from a lot of other spirits in that it has to come from a very specific place, in Mexico. The methods through which it’s produced are highly specific, and extremely intense. (Curious? Check out this documentary.)

Credit: Montaukila
Credit: Montaukila

We won’t bore you with too many details here, but what we’d like you to know is that Montaukila doesn’t take any of the usual (and frankly, extremely sus) shortcuts that a lot of tequila companies use to decrease production cost and juice their margins.

What you get is a spirit that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the highest end tequilas on the market, but at a cost that’s just way more accessible for casually enjoying on the beach, on your boat, or wherever your casual sip spots are out east.

Beyond the quality of the product, Montaukila offers a product that’s very much in-line with the out east, surf-inspired aesthetic. Consider it a staple for your Hamptons house bar. (We do.)

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Pro Tip: Stay tuned for something new on the horizon from these guys soon.

Other Pro Tip: We might drop a recipe for the best damn dessert drink ever, featuring Montaukila. Hit us up on Insta to let us know you’re here for it.

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