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Chatterjee Legal, P.C. is the standalone law practice of DRL’s Creative Director, Rex Chatterjee. As an attorney, Rex advises startups and emerging companies on a lot of their legal needs. DRL spearheaded the development and deployment of a new brand identity for the firm in 2021.

The first task was establishing a color story to convey the firm’s brand ideals. Our goal was to convey a sense of warmth and excitement through a contemporary, 21st century lens. The gradient from a muted papaya tone into a bright, captivating strawberry with white textual elements pushed the project into decidedly tropical vibes, which we loved.

The use of a simple, letter-based logo conveyed the minimalist sensibilities matching the firm’s approach to design, and the right-aligned call-to-action maintained the web property’s focus on gaining conversion / increasing inbound inquiries. The use of text messaging (as opposed to e-mail) accurately conveyed the firm’s responsive, on-the-go approach to client service.

For the hero banner, we focused on the familiar, everyday scene of a New York City crosswalk. The busy streetscape inspired active, business-focused energy, while the gradient overlay tied it conceptually back into the overall brand thesis. For this web property, brand cohesion ran paramount.

With text-heavy content in the form of discrete practice areas for the firm, we identified a potential pitfall to good design on the listing page and worked specifically to craft an engaging yet professional content arrangement. Our use of specific icon avatars mapped to individual practice areas allowed us to establish subtextual reaffirmations of messaging around each such practice area. Variances in colorways created distinction and separation within the list of practice areas while nevertheless fitting within the overall cohesion of the firm’s color story.

The firm had a core need of a platform specifically designed for content marketing purposes. A robust blog format was therefore an absolute must.

We created a bespoke framework for content blogging on the firm’s website, incorporating both front-end and back-end design into the workflow. 

The footer once again presented us with an opportunity to deploy the firm’s color story in a large, nearly full-screen way. The footer is furthermore designed for peak SEO performance, a target which is elusive and everchanging. The firm’s socials are prominently highlighted, inviting click-through and action-on-click (e.g., social follows).

For a full view of the site as it exists today, please click here.

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