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All images courtesy of Kissaki.

It’s true what they say: we eat with our eyes. At least at first, but then the mouth part comes in. Kissaki satisfies both.

Serving up gorgeous omakase in Greenwich (CT) and in New York City, Kissaki also offers those out east a chance to indulge in elevated Japanese fare without ever leaving the Hamptons. Located in Water Mill, the spot is an easy one to miss: look to your left as you’re making the turn by the windmill. (Or, just Google Map it?)

When you get there, that’s when the fun begins. Here’s our go-to order: Start off with a bottle of Akitabare Suirakuten Daiginjo (that’s sake, really, very good sake). For your meal, the only real choice is the 16 Course Counter Omakase…if you can land a coveted counter seat. If not, you’re still in for a great experience, with the Dinner Table Omakase sorting you out wonderfully.

For the best a la carte items on the menu, we’d point you towards the Otoro Nigiri, or the Kasutera Tamago Nigiri. Yes, the latter is just egg, but it really isn’t just egg. Trust us.

And for all you non-sushi folks, don’t worry. The Katsu Udon is some of the best we’ve ever had, and the Okonomiyaki Fries are just beyond words.

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