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All images courtesy of K Pasa.

With one of the most irreverent sense of humor we’ve ever seen from a restaurant, K PASA is a taqueria in Sag Harbor that’s in it to win it. Recently launched by the team behind Sen (another Sag Harbor favorite), this new Mexican spot brings the spice both on the plate and in everything else they do.

Take, for instance, their website. Is it No. Because that would be boring. Instead, it’s, because, obviously. K PASA’s phone number isn’t 1-800-TACO, because, well, that isn’t a phone number. The closest thing one can get to it, at least locally in Suffolk County, would be 631-800-TACO. And, of course, that’s their phone number.

But behind all the slick branding, and logos featuring a jockey riding a blue whale, is a nouveau American twist on down-home Mexican fare. You’ll find tacos on traditional tortilla, not the hard shell Taco Bell variety. But you’ll also find some contemporary classics, like a splendid Avocado Toast on the breakfast menu. Sag Harbor was already stacked with great places to eat, but we’d always found the vibe to be a little…boring. K PASA is anything but, and they’re a welcome entrant to the scene out east.

Pro tip: the steak tacos with bacon marmalade. Because of course these guys have bacon maramalade. 

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