We cannot be more psyched about Instagram Guides, the newest feature on the IG app. 

A little background: as many of y’all know, we’re a little obsessed here with making lists, guides, maps, and other pieces of content focused on bringing you the best of what’s out east. It’s the raison d’être of our site, if you will.

But, we’ve always felt like we’re sort of hacking at it, using tools, web UI/UX, social media apps, Google Maps, and a whole host of other things in ways that, well, they weren’t designed to be used. The point is, no major software / app / web company thought to make something designed to be used to make “best of” lists, complete with pictures, maps, text content, and more.

And then came Instagram Guides. With a super-simple user interface like what we’ve become accustomed to from IG, the Guides content type allows users to create lists of places, products or posts and partly leveraging content already on the app. The result is the ability for accounts such as ours to take data we’ve already compiled (i.e., our Top Picks database) and quickly present it in an extremely user-friendly format on an app you already know, love, and use on a daily basis.

So how do you find our Instagram Guides? Simple.

Head over to our Instagram account, @duneroadlifestyle, via your web browser or mobile app (Instagram Guides are viewable on both).

On our profile, click the new content type icon for Instagram Guides, which looks like an open pamphlet. In the screenshot we’ve posted here, we’ve circled the icon in red.

Et voilà! You should now see the Instagram Guides we’ve made based on our Hamptons Top Picks.

They’re there when you need them, whether it’s 5pm and you’re making dinner moves or it’s 11am and you’re looking to cure that hangover you’ve got going.



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