If you’re looking for a Hamptons Guide designed with style, exclusivity and luxury in mind, you’ve come to the right place.

We didn’t mess around when putting this thing together. We’ve only included places that we can recommend without a second thought. If it’s anything but excellent, it isn’t here. Period.

What you’ve got here is list of all the places we think are worthy, broken out into seven categories:

Food – A mix of high-end restaurants and local secret hole-in-the-walls.

Drinks – Some fancy cocktails, some places to get turnt up.

Coffee – Our fave places for that first cup of the day.

Fitness – Places to get your sweat on, if you’re about that life.

Spas – From hair and nails to massages and saunas, they’ve got it.

Hotels – The only places worth staying at.

Shopping – NYC chic meets laid back Hamptons vibes.

We’ve put out our lists in two formats: a map you can pull up on your phone while on the go, and a searchable list with filters for in-depth combing. You can also add this page to your home screen for easy reference, just open the menu in your browser and go from there.

Have fun out there.

Hamptons Guide

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When it comes to curating the guide, we’ve done our research and spent decades of summers out east. But we do take audience feedback into account too.

Have a place you think should be featured on the Guide? Tell us about it.

Had a sub-standard experience at a place on the Guide? We need to know.

Want to say thank you for making the guide? Well, we appreciate that too. 

Hate the guide and think we never should have made it? Go for it; let us have it.

All in all, we love the Hamptons and consider ourselves lucky to be among the tastemakers out in the scene. We love what we do here but we also take it very seriously. We take the time to research and vet places before we’re able to feature them on the guide, and we aim to deliver a product evidencing the highest standards of honesty and integrity with everything we put out, this Hamptons Guide included.

We sincerely hope you enjoy it, and have a blast this and every summer out east.

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