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2020 was a shitty year on a variety of fronts, the Hamptons events scene included. Pretty hard to argue with that. Yet, in the middle of the worst year in recent memory, three amazing automakers found ways to bring joy–and breathtaking cars–into the world and into our lives. Via our good friends over at The MJS Groupe, Dune Road Lifestyle was invited to a series of small, private, socially-distanced events where we got to see these new beauties up close and personal.

Brand: Ferrari
Model: F8 Spider
Location: The Baker House 1650
Date: August 30th, 2020

Things kicked off late this summer, as you’d expect. By late August, it was possible to safely have people in an outdoor setting, masks on and socially distanced, for small events in the Hamptons. And so while “Casa Ferrari – Hamptons” was originally slated to launch in May or June, it was on August 30, 2020 that we were finally able to see just what Ferrari’s been up to recently. With the unveiling of the F8 Spyder, you could’ve considered our automotive thirst perfectly quenched. In a stunning yellow livery, the sleek drop-top from the Scuderia did not disappoint.

We sipped on rosé from Out East, of course, and got a chance to enjoy their Champagne À L’EST product as well. A tried-and-true staple, and a newfound fave: perfect. And while we’re on the subject of tried-and-true staples, it just wouldn’t be a Hamptons event without cigars, and Cohiba had us on lock. Baker House looked gorgeous as usual, but no surprises there: it’s our top-rated Hamptons hotel for a reason.

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Ferrari F8 Spider
Credit: The MJS Groupe / Rob Rich / Ferrari Long Island
Maserati MC20
Credit: The MJS Groupe

Brand: Maserati
Model: MC20
Location: The Haut Bois Estate
Date: October 3rd, 2020

While not technically a “Hamptons event,” you’d be hard pressed to convince us that the event was anything but. Elevated, sunny and at a jaw-dropping location, we were fine to spend a late-season Saturday morning away from the east end to take in something special. And apparently others did too, as the event was well attended by (masked up) Maserati enthusiasts from the Hamptons and elsewhere.

Artisan cappuccino in hand from hospitality, we stood by in amazement at the marvel of automotive engineering that is the MC20. Aesthetically unique, and sporting a Maserati-made power unit, this car is on our shortlist for future purchases.

Along with the MC20, Maserati took the opportunity to show off their Trofeo trim lineup in the Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante models. For those who want supercar-style performance in something with more than two seats (folks with kids, here’s look at you), Maserati’s got just the thing.

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Brand: Polestar
Model: Polestar 1 & Polestar 2
Location: The Baker House 1650
Date: December 12th, 2020

As the close of 2020 had us thinking about the future of our world, the Polestar Hamptons event had us thinking about the future of our garage. Would an all-electric finally make the cut? We left thinking…quite possibly, yes.

While the chic Baker House setting was the same, we’d by then traded in our linen suiting for slightly warmer wear, and braved the nip in the air to see just what this Swedish electric car manufacturer was bringing to our east end table.

The menacing front end of the Polestar instantly lets onlookers know that it’s not here to toy around. Dispensed with are the cute futurisms of Tesla’s body stylings; this electric means business.

We also got the chance to sample the goods of one of our new faves: Drive Coffee. The combination of coffee (our fuel) with motorsport (our passion) was enough to sell us. The brew itself, well, far more than enough to keep us. We’re fans, and you should be too.

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Credit: The MJS Groupe / Ugur Dursun
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