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In a post-pandemic world, we all need some flip flop alternatives. It’s been a hard year of indoor living, and with summer 2021 looking like the start of a slow return to normalcy, it’s time to hit the beach.

While the DRL content you need to get back into beach shape is coming your way soon (stay tuned!), we figured we’d get a start on addressing your beach footwear choices.

This all started when our influencer gal pal Charlotte Bickley ran a series of IG Stories crying foul over the continued use of flip flops as beach footwear, particularly among guys.

Now, editorial note: we still rock the occasional flip flop, so we can’t share in Charlotte’s condemnation.

But, in the spirit of staying on trend and exploring new fashion choices, we dug deep to bring you a few flip flop alternatives for your beach footwear game.

flip flop alternatives 1
Credit: Neiman Marcus

First up is the Men’s Logo Pool Slide Sandals from Versace.

It’s bold, punchy, and yet upscale: a combination that Versace knows well.

We’d pair these with navy trunks and a white v-neck tee for different take on the red-white-blue color scheme this Fourth of July weekend.

For something a little more low key, here’s the Men’s Mallorca Sandals by Balenciaga.

A luxe leather take on the classic Birkenstock style, it might take folks a sec to realize that these are more than what meets the eye.

We’d pair these with black trunks and a pop of color up top for a balanced look that’s bold, but not too bold.

flip flop alternatives 2
Credit: Neiman Marcus
beach shoes 3
Credit: Neiman Marcus

Staying in black and low key, but going back to the slides format, we’ve got the Men’s Caged Pool Slide Sandals from Givenchy.

More than just your typical slide, we’re seeing here a nod to contemporary trends vis-a-vis the chunkier outsole and stylized upper.

We’d pair these with the Mordore Metallic Waves Swim Trunks from Vilebrequin (and exclusive to Neiman Marcus) for a look that puts everyone on notice.

Keeping the contemporary vibe of the chunky outsole, but switching up form factors into the ever-popular criss-cross, we’ve next got the Jarko 10 Crisscross Slide Sandals from our personal favorite, Bally.

There’s a certain interesting comfort that comes from the criss-cross style vs. the traditional one-piece upper on a slide, and we’re fully here for it.

We’d set these off against a cream / neutral look to provide some foot-worn grounding to an otherwise ethereal beachy vibe.

flip flop alternatives 4
Credit: Neiman Marcus
flip flop alternatives 5
Credit: Neiman Marcus

For something truly nuts yet just so, so in right now, you’ve gotta go with the Two-Tone Grip-Strap Goatskin Slide Sandals from our obsession, Dries Van Noten.

Definitely edgy but right on point with today’s trends; this is what you’d expect from Dries, and expect people to think of you when you’re rockin these out and about.

The pairing here is definitely a bright color, maybe a bright orange trunk and a cream or tan hoodie makes the ‘fit just…work.

Got a suggestion for a better set of flip flop alternatives? Hit us up on Insta @duneroadlifestyle and let us know in the comments!

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