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For a lot of you (whiners), the closure of Indian Wells Tavern is something you’re still sad about. Well cheer up, buttercup, because the folks behind Highway have taken over, and at the renamed Main Street Tavern have put together a cocktail program that’ll blow your itty bitty socks off. Captain of the ship at the ‘Tav (as we’re calling it now) is one Mr. Cory Coose, and the man’s got the sort of bartending chops that’ll make you think you’re at P.J.’s in the early ’90s. Here’s Cory:

What’s your name? Age? Where are you originally from?

Cory Coose, 31, originally from Easton, MA.


Where was your first bartending job? At what age?

Red Derby in Washington, D.C. at age 24.


What first got you into mixology / creating craft cocktails?

I’ve always enjoyed hosting and making drinks for friends. Slowly, I started getting bolder with it, and started to experiment with the drinks I made them.

Main Street Tavern
Credit: Main Street Tavern

How long have you been at your current bar or restaurant?

About 7 months now.


What inspires your creation / craft?

Taste, fun and education. It’s fun diving into trends, while also educating people on different types of drinks.


What’s your signature ingredient, cocktail and/or style?

Adding an Amaro (Italian bitter liqueur). My running bar line is, “I’m not a bitter man, I just enjoy bitter drinks.” I always like to make sure the drink has a little bit of a bitter kick to make it not too sweet.


How do you adapt or create a cocktail menu specifically for the Hamptons summer scene?

Honestly, the best way I can think of doing it is what I would like to drink on a patio or at the beach. I want something tropical, light, and that I can have a few of but still enjoy the day. Light, spritzy and a bit of a boozy note is I think the way to go. Make people feel that “Ah, this is what vacation should taste like” feeling.


What makes your cocktail program special or unique? Why should people specifically seek you out?

There’s a drink on there for everyone. Currently, our winter beverage list has a few drinks to sip and feel warm over. Others are lighter and make you wish for summer days. When we come around to summer, we’ll have a similar vibe of patio tiki drinks, but also some boozy sippers for the cool summer nights. It’s all about working with the seasons and giving everyone an option for a fun drink.


When a customer asks for a bespoke cocktail (e.g., “just make me something”), do you find that annoying or a welcome challenge?

My response is always, “what do you like?” Because if I’m just going to make a cocktail, I’m going to make something I am good at and enjoy–and that might not be your cup of tea. So, when feeling adventurous, always give your bartender clues: “I like this flavor, or I’m in this mood, or I want something to taste like this…” Those are the fun challenges.

Make sure y’all show Main Street Tavern cocktail love like we know you want to. Summer 2021’s definitely an excuse to head out east and have a well earned drink, or four. Enjoy responsibly and we’ll see you guys out there.

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