Client Work

For the past few years, we’ve created and curated content centered around what we refer to as the “Hamptons aesthetic.”

It’s not something easily described; rather, it’s one of those things where you know it when you see it.

If you’ve spent time out east, you know what we mean.

Starting with the 2022 season, we’ll be offering our creative direction and curatorial process for engagement by select clients.

There isn’t really a “set menu” of services we have to offer. That just isn’t how we think about our work.

Projects may be long or short. Our mandate may be broad or narrow. None of that really matters to us.

What does matter is whether we believe we can deliver value.

Without that, nothing else matters.

Check out our Original Content to get a sense of what we’re generally up to.

Translating that into what we do for clients, here’s a high-level list:

▪  We shoot photos in a variety of styles, running the gamut from ethereal beach scenes to edgy nightlife moments.

▪  We also produce videos and shorts, which we can cut for deployment on web, socials or both.

▪  We curate playlists to capture in music the intended aesthetics of a space / experience.

▪  We also curate / DJ live, on an extremely select basis.

▪  We design branding and brand identity for business and product launches.

▪  We also develop for web and social media, including press, marketing and content strategy.

And the above is by no means exhaustive.

If there’s a project you’d like our help with but you’re not sure if we’d take it on, the best way to find out is to send us a short brief via e-mail.