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All images courtesy of Armin & Judy.

There’s just so much for us to say about Armin & Judy that we don’t quite know where to begin. We covered their opening on our Features blog some time ago, and they’ve quickly become one of our go-to spots when traversing the vast reaches of Bridgehampton.

Now, before we even start in on the restaurant itself, let’s take a minute to talk about their bakery, or boulangerie, if you’re feeling French. There’s a lot of places out east to get a baguette. In our opinion, all fall second or thereafter to Armin & Judy. But it’s in their other traditional French pastries, such as their Tarte Tatin, where their mastery of the craft truly shines.

When it comes to lunch or dinner, the folks at Armin & Judy have got you covered as well. For us, it’s always the Tagliatelle, made with braised lamb shank ragu and harissa. Definitely a different spin on the pasta, with some clear North African influence common in Mediterranean French cuisine. Feeling a bit more traditional? The Steak Frites, with sauce au poivre, is a must.

Pro tip: the Burgundy Truffle pizza. (Because some things just need no explanation.)

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