The DRL Hamptons Guide Archives

A Look Back At What Got Us Started

We Switched Our Style Up.

When we first launched Dune Road Lifestyle, we wanted to put together a guide to the best places to eat and drink in the Hamptons. We made a spreadsheet, jotted down all the top restaurants and bars, and wrote up short blog posts about each of them. That blog is what started it all.

Since then, we’ve started working on other stuff. We’ve gotten busy with other things. And a little thing called the COVID-19 pandemic threw our lives for a loop. Moreover, it threw the scene out east for one too.

With all the changes that have happened, and are bound to happen, it’s going to take a lot of work to keep The DRL Hamptons Guide up to date. And frankly, we’re not here for it.

See, the way in which we found users engaging with our content wasn’t by checking our database of top spots, but wanting to know what’s hot now. Current. Relevant today. And a guide that works like a list of classics…that’s just not what people need.

So, we’ll be continuing to cover the best bars and restaurants (and other spots) out east, but we’ll be doing it in real-time; in one-off posts that shoot more to capture the essence of an experience, rather than a collection of posts that try to be comprehensive.

We won’t catch everything, but we will serve feels. And in 2022 (and the future), that’s what counts.

The posts below are (in publication order) our old posts from The Dune Road Lifestyle Hamptons Guide. These are summaries that reflect the best of out east, and current only as of Summer 2021. Some spots might have closed down; new ones might’ve come up. You’ll just have to check out our new content (Insta, TikTok) to stay up on the latest.

Archived Posts
668 The Gig Shack


Places like Gig Shack are why we started DRL in the first place. They’re a quintessential part of the out east experience, and not everyone knows about them.

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