Bridgehampton (or “Polo Hampton,” as we sometimes call it) is the horsiest Hampton of them all. Beyond the barns, stables, fields and more, though, is a great area to explore for an elevated take on the Hamptons’ farming estate roots.

Editorial Note: To keep things simpler, we’ve lumped Sagaponack in with our coverage of Bridgehampton here.

We can never get enough of a good horse joke, and you might want a four-legged friend and a saddle to ride him with once you’ve sat through prime-time traffic in Bridgehampton. The center of town isn’t hard to find–just stay on Montauk Highway heading east–but it’s a question of time of day and time of year that governs whether you’d rather be driving or galloping.


Bridgehampton used to be known, back in the 50s through the 80s, as a mecca for road racing of all kinds. Whether on motorcycle or car, the road track at Bridgehampton called out to racers everywhere. Since then, it’s more golf and polo than engines and (mechanical) horsepower, and if you’re making a trip out to Bridgehampton over the summer, you might as well catch some polo at Polo Hamptons.

If it’s food you’re after, Bridgehampton holds some true east end treasures. Relatively recent entrant Armin & Judy is the adorable little French bistro and boulangerie of your dreams. 

For a luxury getaway, you can’t go wrong with a stay at Topping Rose House and their cuisine by Jean-Georges (yes, that Jean-Georges).

For the real wine (or Instagram) enthusiasts among you, The Wine Stand at Wölffer Estate is where you need to be.

Armin & Judy
Credit: Armin & Judy


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