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The 2021 Holiday Wine Guide is something we plan to release every year, with this year being the first.

We’re going to spare you the long lead-in and get right into our top selects for this holiday season. We’ve kept a tight list, because we figured you want great wines fast and done.

(If you guys want a more expansive list, let us know on socials and we’ll put something more comprehensive / educational together.)

Note: prices listed are those made available to us via our partner, Total Wine, and are subject to change.

Orin Swift, Cabernet, Papillon, 2019


We love this juicy, luscious traditional Bordeaux blend of Cab, Merlot, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec. It’s gentle on the tannins yet makes a fine pairing for fattier meats and the usuals coming out of holiday kitchens.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide
Image courtesy of Total Wine
2021 Holiday Gift Guide
Image courtesy of Total Wine

The Prisoner, Red Blend


A staple on our table in the fall / winter, the Prisoner is a must for our 2021 Holiday Wine Guide. A strong cherry / woodsy start into figs and black currant, this wine is easy to go through bottles of, and we’d advise buying multiple. A true crowd-pleaser.

Lloyd, Chardonnay, Carneros, 2019


For us, winter is much more a time for reds than whites. Nevertheless, the Carneros bears mention as an oaky Chardonnay that’s perfect for a winter afternoon. For lovers of big, powerful wines, consider this a white option without much compromise.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide
Image courtesy of Total Wine
2021 Holiday Gift Guide
Image courtesy of Total Wine

Billecart Salmon, Brut Reserve


We couldn’t finish off our 2021 Holiday Wine Guide without bubbles, because…obviously. While so many reach for the Veuve or Moët, for us, the Billecart Salmon is a sleeper pick that’s bound to please. Superbly smooth mousse with apple and pear in the nose, you’ll have folks thinking you’re a somm yourself with this find.

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