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This is not your typical pride playlist.

But this is DRL. What exactly did you expect?

Celebrating pride is super important, but we weren’t about to toss out our whole moody, ethereal, slightly noir vibe for the bubblegum and rainbows of Katy Perry et al.

Just, wasn’t going to happen.

So, we went on this journey of exploring artists in and around the LGBTQIA+ community making music that fits with the vibes of a weekend afternoon spent lounging poolside out east in June.

And we found it. Oh did we find it.

Pulling tracks from new and old faves like FLETCHER, Daya, Royal & the Serpent, and others, it wasn’t long before we had a list of tracks exploring life in 2022 from perspectives other than the cis-het norm.

One thing we noticed pretty quickly was how dark things got. A lot of these songs were breakup songs; melodic in the way you’d expect a poolside list to be, but about hurt, heartache, and a whole range of emotions you just don’t get in the typical pride-centric tracks featuring mostly glitter, unicorns and pop beats. And that’s important to us; to note that a celebration of a diverse community of individuals shouldn’t be some one-dimensional focus on ebullient reverie. There’s more to LGBTQIA+ people than that; there’s more to all of us than that. And so, in our musical tribute to some outstanding artists from within that community, we’re totally fine with these tracks being different from the usual. The point, most importantly, is the music. And for a weekend spent lounging out east, these tracks, and these artists, are absolute perfection.

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